[box_dark]National Museum of Art, Deoksugung | 덕수궁 미술관[/box_dark]


Two prominent exhibits are underway till April 21. In Memory of Landscape I Have Never Seen, a high-profile collection from the National Gallery in Prague showcases 107 pieces of carefully selected paintings from 28 different Czech artists. A group of modern masterpieces from Korea is also on display, featuring Lee Jung-sup, Park Soo-keun, and Kim Whan-ki,among many other artists. Admission is 12,000 won and free, respectively.


as_얀 즈르자비_낙원의 정원_23x24,5_캔버스에 유채_1907


Ohyang Jokbal 오향 족발 (T. 02-753-4755) serves five-spice pigs trotters that are immensely popular due to its secret recipe, which seeks to reduce the intense smell of the meat using five different spices.

The nearby Jongno area is a major shopping district, and Namdaemun Market is within walking distance.

The museum is part of Deoksugung Palace, which vividly contrasts modern Seoul with traditional Korea. Built during the mid-15th century, it is the smallest of Seoul’s palaces.

T. 02-2188-6000
(102 Seosomun-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul | 서울시 중구 서소문동 102)

City Hall Station 시청역 (Line 1, 2), Exit 8

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