Old Is New Again

Young entrepreneurs use old buildings to give Seoul new life   “Dull, inert cities, it is true, do contain the seeds of their own destruction and little else. But lively, diverse, intense cities contain the seeds of their own regeneration,…

Hadong and Gurye

  Countryside charms and nature's beauty await along the banks of the Seomjingang River   Gazing southeast, the sun rises slowly but surely over the horizon. The Seomjingang River’s pristine waters reflect the morning light…

ASMR Country

Simple sounds help soothe a country in need of sleep

Overtourism Comes to Korea

When tourists and locals battle, everyone loses

Rice Revival

Korea’s most beloved cereal grain experiences a renaissance Any young Korean who has tried to serve pasta to their grandparents knows how the older generation prefers to eat their spaghetti as a side dish to rice. Meanwhile, a mother might…

Everyone Has Something Valuable to Teach

Skill-sharing platforms change the way people teach and learn Kim Woo-chan has a collection of 10,000 LP vinyl records he has been collecting since his teenage years. The 56-year-old marketer wanted to share the analog experience of listening…

City of Color

Seoul’s official colors are more than just pretty. They tell the story of a nationits capital. Seoul Colors were introduced in 2009 as part of an effort by the city government to live up its reputation as a trend-forward capital of Asia.…

Winter Fun

From ice fishing in luxury to scaling frozen waterfalls at risk of life and limb, Korea gives you plenty of reasons to get outside in the snow

Quitting in Pursuit of Happiness

Koreans are leaving the office in search of more

The Retro Boom

Seoulites seek escape through “Instagramable” experiences