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Bingsu 빙수 is a popular summertime dessert made of shaved ice and sweetened red beans. It is often topped with ice cream, frozen yogurt, sweetened condensed milk, fruit syrups, various fruits, and lots of other awesome goodies. A number of bingsu cafés have sprung up throughout Seoul, with Ice Berry, Red Mango, and 405 Kitchen leading the pack. Ice Berry locations in Seoul including Sinchon, Ewha University, Wangsimni, and Gangnam. Located in the Hongdae area, 405 Kitchen is widely known for its green tea variation of bingsu as well as its lavish brunch menu.




A bowl of shaved ice may stuff your hungry stomach when you order a hearty option, like those that mix in mixed grain flour or Korean rice cakes.

In the posh Cheongdam-dong shopping district, Café Bing Bing Bing (T. 070-4177-7191) offers reasonably priced, no-frills bingsu for around KRW 6,000.

Nanji Camp is located near a variety of attractions and recreational facilities such as an eco-wetland, water park, yacht club, Najicheon Park, Noeul Park, Haneul Park, and Seoul World Cup Stadium.

Ice Berry: T. 02-2282-2240, www.iceberry.co.kr
Red Mango: T. 02-336-3112, www.redmango.co.kr
405 Kitchen: T. 02-332-3949
Bing Bing Bing: T. 070-4177-7191