[box_dark]Mullae Art Village | 문래동 예술 공간[/box_dark]

The industrial neighborhood of Mullae-dong transformed into an art district when young artists began to set up studios in abandoned steel foundries there. From the signs adorning their art studios to the humorous graffiti scrawled on the shutters of ironwork, artists have made their mark. The art village incubates various kinds of spaces such as workshops, galleries, cafés, and concert venues. Suda 수다 and Jungdabang Project 정다방 프로젝트 have small cafe spaces for visitors in their exhibition galleries.



Mullae Daegutang 문래대구당  (T. 02-2633-5529), a greasy spoon of a Korean diner that used to feed an army of factory workers there, is still in operation. Try their signature cod soup specialties.

A stately Home Plus store sits across the street from the dilapidated industrial art village.

Concert venue Alternative Space Moon 대안공간[문] host live music performances and contemporary art projects.

(서울시 영등포구 문래동 | Mullae-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul)

Mullae Station 문래역 (Line 2)

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