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For Jonghyun

Fans create and curate a memorial for late Shinee frontman
April 27, 2018/by Hyoju Jeong

More than Books

CGV’s Cine Library brings together film and the arts that inspire it
April 27, 2018/by Hyoju Jeong

Culture Tanks

Sangam-dong’s Oil Tank Culture Park has turned an abandoned…
March 29, 2018/by Eunji Shin

City of Color

Seoul’s official colors are more than just pretty. They tell…
March 29, 2018/by Eunji Shin

Green, Gold and Blue

Southwestern Jeju dazzles with scenery, food and plenty of island…
March 29, 2018/by Eunji Shin

Bridging Cultures and Generations

Chef Yeo Kyung Ok of Toh Lim honors his heritage while appealing to modern tastes
March 29, 2018/by Hyoju Jeong
Fox Wine Bistro

Wine Endures

Despite tough times, the city’s top wine bars keep the vino…
February 13, 2018/by Hyoju Jeong

Winter Fun

From ice fishing in luxury to scaling frozen waterfalls at risk of life and limb, Korea gives you plenty of reasons to get outside in the snow
February 8, 2018/by cyn


You don’t have to search long for a good cup of joe in Gangneung, Korea’s coffee capital
February 7, 2018/by Hyoju Jeong

Edward Kwon Goes for the Gold

In creating new dishes for PyeongChang 2018, the celebrity chef brings together flavors and forms both local and international
February 7, 2018/by Hyoju Jeong

Quest for Olympic Gold

Korean national team player Mike Testwuide revives his love for hockey in Korea
February 5, 2018/by cyn

Off the Olympic Trail

Gangneung and Pyeongchang give you plenty to do when you’re not watching the Games
February 5, 2018/by cyn
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