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    Korea Travel Bits

    Rustic Jeonju Hanok Village 전주 한옥마을 In order to properly appreciate Jeonju Hanok Village, be prepared to get lost. And leave your watch at home. A maze of picturesque alleyways lined by handsome old Korean homes, ...

    Garak Market Station

    Line 3—Station #350,  Line 8—Station #817 Written by Charles Usher Photographed by Melissa Quek   The mother of all markets If you’ve eaten in a restaurant today, odds are some of your meal came from Garak Market (가...
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    The Search for Live Music in Itaewon

    After the closure of two popular Itaewon venues in 2011, live music has become more difficult to find in the neighborhood. Here are four bars that host bands on the regular.   DOJO Lounge   도조 라운지  DOJO is a uniq...
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    Seoul Travel Bits-April

    A New Type of Farmer’s Market: Marche@Hyehwa  혜화 마르쉐 The Hyehwa and Daehangno areas are normally known for theater and robust college students, but on the second Sunday of every month, the neighborhood becomes the ...
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중랑캠핑장 22일 임시 개장

Seoul Travel Bits-June

The New Hongdae: Mangwon, Hapjeong and Sangsu 합정, 상수, 망원 Hongdae was once a corner of the city claimed by aspiring artists, musicians and creative types. This still holds true in many ways, with its occupants remain...
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 Dining & Nightlife

Correction: W HEAT WAVE 2014

We’d like to formally apologize for some misinformation that was printed on page 40 in the August issue of SEOUL regarding W HEAT WAVE 2014. Instead of the listed price of KRW 23,000 (40,000 for two people), admission to the ...
 People & Culture

Seoul International School

Written by Ida Kymmer   The schoolyard of Seoul International School (SIS) is filled with students dressed in orange t-shirts with tigers on them. They talk excitedly about their day as they walk in small groups, passing by th...

All Hands In: Nail Salons of Seoul

While we often take matters into our own hands, when we think about our appearance, how often do we make sure that our hands matter? We rely on our trusted indexes to work, bathe and—most importantly—smartphone, yet we ofte...
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Bukchon Stroll

Strolling around Bukchon Hanok Village. Photo by Robert Koehler.


Sun Sets Over Seoul Fortress Wall

Sunset over Seoul Fortress Wall, seen from Mt. Namsan’s Baekbeom Plaza. Photo by Robert Koehler.

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SEOUL Weekly: Digital Edition of SEOUL’s September Issue Is Out!

Sep. 3, 2014 / Issue No. 648 SEOUL TALKS – SEOUL is now looking for participants for its panel discussion. October’s topic will be Halloween in Korea and Korean ghost stories. How well do you know the country’...

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SEOUL Weekly: SEOUL: the Digital Edition

Aug 27, 2014 / Issue No. 647 SEOUL: the Digital EditionRead our monthly travel and culture magazine on your mobile device today! Smartphone and tablet users, rejoice—Seoul Selection has just launched the digital edition o...


Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace on a beautiful late summer day. Photo by Robert Koehler.