Shopper’s Paradise?

Seoul doesn’t lack places to shop. Whether you’re looking for dried seaweed, pricey Korean antiques, or the latest in designer fashion, you’ll find it in Seoul.








Seoul is an emerging fashion capital. The design district of Dongdaemun and the swanky boutiques of Apgujeong-dong are especially recommended.



[box_light]Dongdaemun Market | 동대문 시장[/box_light]

Korea’s fashion capital, Dongdaemun, is home to over 20 shopping malls, 30,000 specialty shops, and 50,000 manufacturers, mostly up-and-coming designers producing reasonably prices clothing. The market really comes alive at night.

GO> Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station 동대문역사문화공원역 (Line 2, 4, 5) or Dongdaemun Station 동대문역 (Line 1, 4)


[box_light]Myeong-dong | 명동[/box_light]

Seoul’s bright and glitzy central commercial district, Myeong-dong is noted for its famous department stores and quality name-brand shops. There are plenty of midrange and no-name brands in the alleyways, too.

GO> Myeong-dong Station 명동역 (Line 4) or Eulji-ro Ipgu Station 을지로입구역 (Line 2)


[box_light]Itaewon | 이태원[/box_light]

Seoul’s most multicultural neighborhood, Itaewon is also the best place to find clothing in multicultural (read: large) sizes. Also a good place to get a handmade suit or leather goods.

GO> Itaewon Station 이태원역 (Line 6) or Hangangjin Station 한강진역 (Line 6)


[box_light]Namdaemun Market | 남대문 시장[/box_light]

Seoul’s most famous traditional market, Namdaemun Market has plenty of cheap clothes, but check the quality first. Namdaemun Market is also famous for its many shops that make cheap but high-quality eyeglasses.

GO> Hoehyeon Station 회현역 (Line 4)


[box_light]Apgujeong-dong, Sinsa-dong, Cheongdam-dong | 암구정동, 신사동, 청담동[/box_light]

Seoul’s poshest neighborhoods are home to the city’s poshest shops, too. You’ll find all your favorite luxury brands here in individual flagship stores, boutiques, larger department stores, and “multi-shops.”

GO> Apgujeong Rodeo Station 압구정로데오역 (Bundang Line), Sinsa Station 신사역 (Line 3) and Gangnam-gu Office Station  강남구청역 (Line 7, Bundang Line)



Traditional Goods




Looking for something distinctly “Korean”? The craft shops of Insa-dong, Gahoe-dong and Samcheong-dong beckon.



[box_light]Insa-dong | 인사동[/box_light]

Seoul’s most famous arts and crafts alley is full of shops selling ceramics, Korean traditional clothing, traditional tea, paper goods, and other traditional crafts and souvenirs.

GO> Anguk Station 안국역 (Line 3), Exit 6


[box_light]Gahoe-dong | 가회동[/box_light]

The quaint alleyways of Gahoe-dong are home to a number of artisans who produce high-quality ceramics and traditional crafts. Great place to stroll around, too.

GO> Anguk Station 안국역 (Line 3), Exit 2







You can’t bring government-listed cultural properties out of Korea, but you can still find plenty of old stuff (and stuff that looks old) to buy.



[box_light]Itaewon | 이태원[/box_light]

Itaewon has a number of antique shops with old Korean doors and chests and other antique Korean furniture, as well as more Western antiques. Shop owners speak English, too.

GO> Itaewon Station 이태원역 (Line 6), Exit 3 or 4


[box_light]Insa-dong | 인사동 [/box_light]

Insa-dong was Seoul’s original antique alley. It’s still got plenty of antique shops, but the wares tend to be high-end (as do the prices).

GO> Anguk Station 안국역 (Line 3), Exit 6


[box_light]Dapsimni | 답십리[/box_light]

The neighborhood around Dapsimni has several large antique markets. Most of the goods are relatively reasonable in price, and you can find some real gems in there, too.

GO> Dapsimini Station 답십리역 (Line 5)



Food & Liquor




Where you go for foodstuffs depends on what exactly you’re looking for.



[box_light]Seaweed, kimchi, and more[/box_light]

Korean foodstuffs: You’re best option is simply to go to a local supermarket, where you’ll find everything you’re looking for. Foreign food: Mega-marts like Costco, E-Mart, Lotte Mart, and Homeplus, as well as department store grocery stores, are stocked with foreign goods. Another option are the foreign food supermarkets like Foreign Food Mart in Itaewon and Haddon Supermarket in Hannam-dong.

GO> Foreign Food Mart: Itaewon Station 이태원역 (Line 6), Exit 3

GO> Haddon Supermarket: Oksu Station 옥수역  (Line 3. Jungang Line), Exit 4







Korean women take their cosmetics seriously.



[box_light]Myeong-dong | 명동[/box_light]

Cheap but high-quality Korean cosmetics are sold by about 50 places in the Myeong-dong area. Foreign brands, meanwhile, can be found at department stores.

GO> Myeong-dong Station 명동역 (Line 4) or Eulji-ro Ipgu Station 을지로입구역 (Line 2)



Flea Markets




Everyone loves flea markets, where shopping becomes a community activity.



[box_light]Hongdae Free Market | 홍대 프리마켓[/box_light]

Every Saturday, 2pm7pm

The theme of this weekly market is “art for the environment”; many accessories are made from recycled material by eco-conscious artists.

GO> Hongdae Playground: Hongik Univ. Station 홍대입구역 (Line 2, A’REX Line), Exit 9


[box_light]Night Flea Market | 블링 나이트 프리마켓[/box_light]

Every 1st Saturday, 5pm

Possibly Seoul’s most popular night flea market—but it’s more than that.

GO> Platoon Kunsthalle: Apgujeong Rodeo Station 압구정로데오역 (Bundang Line), Exit 5 or Gangnam-gu Office Station 강남구청역 (Line 7, Bundang Line), Exit 3


[box_light]Seocho Flea Market | 서초 프리마켓[/box_light]

Every Saturday thru Oct 27, 9:30am3:30pm

Most of the spots are reserved for Seocho-gu residents, but there are a couple for residents of other districts, too.

GO> Bangbae 2-dong covering road: Sadang Station 사당역 (Line 2, 4), Exit 11


[box_light]Filipino Market | 필리핀 마켓[/box_light]

Every Sunday, 9am5pm

A popular place for curious Koreans and foreigners alike to attune themselves to Filipino cuisine and hard-to-find imported goods. More info: Hyehwa Catholic Church area:

GO> Hyehwa Station 혜화역 (Line 4), Exit 1. Walk straight toward Hyehwa Catholic Church.


[box_light]Myeong Rang Market | 명동 명랑시장[/box_light]

Every Sunday, 2pm7pm

A great place for visitors wanting to get creative or looking for different types of souvenirs, and for anyone who is interested in buying creative handcrafted things.

GO> KEB Square: Eulji-ro Ipgu Station 을지로입구역 (Line 2), Exit 5