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Sinchon | 신촌

Sinchon is a playground for youth thanks to its location, as it’s surrounded by three prominent universities. During the day, the sidewalks are crowded with young people walking to or from class or lunch or en route to one of the ubiquitous coffee shops in the area. In the evenings, this area transforms, exhibiting a party-like atmosphere with its bright neon signs and various kinds of pubs specializing in beer, soju, makgeolli (rice wine), and much more.

Let’s Eat Alley (먹자골목) is packed with restaurants and bars; this area is quite popular for drinking in the evenings. At night, restaurant employees often stand outside and solicit patronage.

The U-Plex Mall, run by the Hyundai Department Store, carries a plethora of fashion items and general merchandise for young people.

Yonsei University has a green, hilly campus with an attractive quad of ivy-clad, collegiate buildings. With its benches and woods, it’s a perfect place for a walk through nature.

Mobile tourist information service: look for the tour guides (wearing red jackets) for more info.
(Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul | 서울시 서대문구 창천동)

Sinchon Station 신촌역 (Line 2)

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