Not Another High Line 서울로 7017

Seoullo 7017, an overpass-turned-walking path, illustrates the complexities of Seoul’s urban landscape
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City at Night

Seoul has plenty of places to enjoy the nighttime cityscape. This video visits some of the best spots in downtown Seoul to take in the city's nightscape. Filmed & Edited by Kwon Oh-seong

Mastering the Art of Healing

When life gets rough, it’s time to stop and smell the roses

Minimize for More

Minimalism may look like decluttering on the surface, but it also encompasses possibilities for lifestyle changes.

Back to the Good Old Days

The kidult phenomenon grows as Koreans take comfort in nostalgia

Dare to Dine Solo

Where to eat and drink when you’re on your own

Breaking the Mold to Forge a New Society

Neither charity nor purely profit-driven business, social enterprises bring new richness to Korea’s economy

The Holiday Season, Seoul Style

Christmas and New Year’s Day bring families, friends and co-workers together


Koreans embrace the DIY lifestyle