Wake up and smell the music

Korea’s indie music scene is best enjoyed over a cup of coffee

Splish Splash

Pool parties are set to refresh Seoul’s nighttime party scene

Korean Gastropubs

Korean booze and pub grub can be cheap – but it doesn’t have to be

Tapas de la noche

Raise a glass to everyone’s favorite Spanish export

Seoul’s speakeasies

Hidden haunts offer seclusion and style to the discerning drinker

Student Bars

Get the best booze for your buck at bars in Seoul's university districts [dropcap letter="T"]he start of spring brings a number of changes to life in the capital, not the least of which being the start of a new school year for those attending…

Whiskey Bars North of the River

Show the way to not so cliché whiskey bars

Vinyl Seoul

Here’s to the old school Decades have passed since spinning records in a bar was common, but there are still a handful of places around the city that have kept their vinyl collections, some of which still play LPs from time to time. Here…

When the Sun Goes Down

[box_light]When the Sun Goes Down Seoul’s markets at night[/box_light] Written by SEOUL staff Photographed by Ryu Seunghoo   After sundown, Seoul’s famous markets really come alive. From shopping and people watching to eating…