June 29, 2016 / Issue No. 731

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SEOUL August Issue
Baeksasil Valley, Gapyeong and more

August can get hot, so why not cool off with your favorite chilled adult beverage and a copy of the latest issue of SEOUL, Seoul Selection’s monthly travel and culture magazine. In this issue of SEOUL, we relax in the shade of Buam-dong’s Baeksasil Valley; explore the deep valleys of Gapyeong; fight fire with fire with some great hot pot dishes; talk with China expert Ryu Jaeyun, author of “5 Keys to Understanding China,” and much, much more.

And don’t forget about the Goings On Around Town section, our roundup of the month’s concerts, exhibits, festivals and other events.

‘A Letter Not Sent’
Experience the literary world of one of Korea’s most popular poets

Seoul Selection is happy to announce the release of “A Letter Not Sent,” a collection of poetry by popular poet Jeong Ho-seung, translated by Brother Anthony of Taize and Susan Hwang. It is the first English-language translation of Jeong’s poetry since his literary debut in 1973. The collection contains 108 poems, with the Korean original and English translation printed side-by-side.

If you read Korean, the Chosun Ilbo ran a piece today on Jeong and Brother Anthony.

Price: KRW 19,000

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A New Perspective on the City
Discovering the newly opened Gyeongui Line Forest Trail

Pohang: Naturally Industrial
Korea’s steel city offers plenty of nature, too

Korean Summer Classic
Naengmyeon Three Ways

Cultural Vanguards

Pioneering art spaces in unlikely locations

Uncommon Ground
Common Ground is bridging borders in Seoul’s fashion industry


A miscellany of high-quality hyperlinks from the week, courtesy of SEOUL editor-in-chief Robert Koehler




2016 Cine-Vacance Seoul: John Carpenter and Kiyoshi Kurosawa

Cinematheque Seoul Art Cinema’s annual “Cine-Vacance Seoul” features the work of two masters of horror: John Carpenter and Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Among the Carpenter classics to be shown are “The Fog,” “Christine,” “Halloween” and, of course, “Escape from New York.” Cine-Vacance Seoul features many other distinctive films for cinephiles, too.

VENUE: Cinematheque Seoul Art Cinema
PERIOD: Thru Aug. 28
ADMISSION: KRW 8,000 a ticket
MORE INFO: T. 02-741-9782
GETTING THERE: Jongno 3-ga (Line 1, 3, 5), Exit 14

The Paik Nam June Show

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the passing of Paik Nam June, the father of “video art,” the coiner of the term “electronic super highway” and one of Korea’s best known artists internationally. Organized by Gallery Yeh and YG Plus and hosted at Dongdaemun Design PLaza, “The Paik Nam June Show” brings together about 100 of Paik’s masterpieces, arranged in five sections as a means of visual storytelling. Using not only the futuristic beauty of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza itself, but also media that integrates the latest technology, the exhibit delivers an unforgettable, awe-inspiring experience. One of the show’s highlights is “Turtle,” a 10m-wide, 6m-high representation of a turtle composed of 166 television monitors.

VENUE: Dongdaemun Design Plaza
PERIOD: Thru Oct. 30
MORE INFO: www.ddp.or.kr
GETTING THERE: Dongdaemun History & Culture Station 동대문역사문화공원역 (Lines 2, 4 or 5), Exit 1

IP&I Dental Clinic

To say that Dr. Paik Sung Ki of IP&I Dental Clinic lends a personal touch to his establishment would be a significant understatement. “I handle 99.9 percent of everything for our patients of all ages,” he says. “It’s very unique.”

Armed with PhD in ceramic science, Paik is equal parts scientist, artist and doctor, a Renaissance man of all things prosthodontics-related. Where other dental clinics rely on outside technicians to produce reconstructed teeth for patients they’ve never seen before, Paik is able to rebuild perfect smiles through extensive examinations and intensive discussions with patients, consulting with them on their preferences and paying close attention to the details that make each mouth unique. The results are nothing short of works of art.

MORE INFO: www.ipidc.co.kr

Experience Korean Arts and Culture

Korean Culture to the World provides a variety of programs designed to introduce Korean culture to international participants. See this PDF for more information.

Reuters, Our World Now

The world’s first large-scale exhibits of photos by Reuters features over about 400 photos from the global news service’s archives. With branches in 230 cities in 150 nations worldwide, Reuters has been bringing you the world’s most dramatic events since 1851. The organizers are also hosting a series of photo workshops (in Korean) in Hongdae as part of the exhibit.

VENUE: Hangaram Art Museum
PERIOD: Thru. Sept. 25
MORE INFO: T. 02-710-0766
GETTING THERE: Nambu Bus Terminal Station (Line 3), Exit 5. Transfer to shuttle bus, or green bus No. 4429.

Memorial Exhibition of Chun Kyung-ja: The Wind May Blow It Blows Anyway

Chun Kyung-ja was a representative female artist and a great star of the Korean art scene. She established her own world of artworks with her unique figurative style, at a time in the modern Korean art scene that was dominated by abstract art. On August 6, 2015, she eternally passed away, to the unknown world that constantly appears in her works. Chun Kyung-ja once mentioned that she liked the phrase, “life of incompleteness,” implying this progressive condition, because dreams disappear when reaching their completion. Through this exhibition, we expect the audience to find the opportunity to confront challenges and healing by encountering the dreams and fantasies which she pursued without stop, and her creative will to paint original works all the time even in moments of suffering.

VENUE: SeMA Seosomun Museum of Art
PERIOD: Thru Aug. 7
MORE INFO: http://sema.seoul.go.kr
GETTING THERE: City Hall Station (Lines 1 or 2), Exit 1

Lee JuYong Photographic Studio

Museum of Art presents Lee JuYong Photographic Studio, an exhibition that represents the gradually disappearing photographic studio in the museum space.
Collecting thousands of photographs and cameras over the past 30 years, Lee JuYong considers early photographs as a record of society and culture of the time. He has carried out an archiving project that systematically categorizes the images. Through Lee JuYong’s photography practice that explores time, history, memory, and identity based on the archive, the exhibition attempts to communicate the meaning of portrait photography as an important image since the modern era, and tell stories of the people in the photographs.

VENUE: Buk Seoul Museum of Art
PERIOD: Thru Aug. 15
MORE INFO: http://sema.seoul.go.kr
GETTING THERE: An eight-minute walk from Hagye Station 하계역 (Line 7), Exit 1



Near our bookshop and office next to Gyeongbokgung Palace. Photo by Robert Koehler of SEOUL.


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