© Yeongam County Hall

© Yeongam County Hall


Wolchulsan National Park | 월출산국립공원

This national park is filled with special and unique rocky mountain peaks. The mountains rise dramatically from the fl at farmlands of Gangjin and Yeongam counties southwest of Gwangju. Its highest peak, Cheonhwangbong, rises 809 m. The sunset to the west is also beautiful beyond description. The name wolchul appropriately means “moonrise.” Tourist attractions include a 52-meter-long suspension bridge that connects two peaks and a sitting Buddha statue designated as a National Treasure.


Often referred to as the holy grail of the Korean palate, this breadbasket region offers you the pleasure of dining like a king. A unique culinary tradition has developed here, as the region is endowed with abundant saltwater, freshwater, and agricultural resources and products, as well as mild weather conditions.

After trekking through rocky terrains and walking on steep suspension staircases, you may feel like soaking in hot springs. Wolchulsan Spa Resort (T. 061-473-6311) is the place to go for visitors who wish to stay overnight and enjoy a sauna at a reasonable cost.

As the host city to the annual F1 Korea Grand Prix tournaments, Yeongam offers a great diversity of accommodations, including the Yeongsanjae Hotel (T. 061-460-0300, www.ysjhotel.com), which consists of luxurious traditional roof-tile residences.

T. 061-473-5210, www.knps.go.kr
(484-50 Gaesin-ri, Yeongam-eup, Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do | 전라남도 영암군 영암읍 개신리 484-50)

Nonstop buses leave Seoul Express Bus Terminal for Yeongam three times daily between 8:50am and 4:50pm (a 4-hour 50-minute ride). From Yeongam Terminal, take a local bus or a taxi to Cheonhwangsa Temple. (Bus schedule: runs 5 times a day/ travel time: 10–15min)

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