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High 1 Resort & Casino | 하이원 리조트

High 1 Resort is a popular ski and casino resort and enjoys large numbers of visitors and gamblers throughout the year. Kangwon Land Casino is the only casino in Korea where both Koreans and foreigners are allowed to gamble. The casino is also the largest in Korea, home to 132 table games and 960 video games. There are a mixture of Korean and Western eateries on offer in addition to cafes and convenience stores.


There is a revolving restaurant that offers an incredible panoramic view of the surrounding mountain ranges. The restaurant rotates fully every hour, giving diners a complete view of the beautiful scenery of the region.

Other leisure facilities at the resort include a golf course, sledding slopes, leisure sport facilities, and much more. There is a free cinema in the basement floor of the Kangwon Land Hotel. The cinema shows a variety of movies—from Korean cinema and current releases to western classics and lower budget films.

In addition to its six affiliate hotels and condos, the nearby base town of Sabuk is full of inns and private homes for lease that would welcome walk-in customers.

T. 02-1588-7789, www.high1.com
(San 17, Gohan-ri, Gohan-eup, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do | 강원도 정선군 고한읍 고한리 산17)

From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus bound for Taebaek. Get off at the Gohan bus stop and take a taxi or a shuttle bus to High 1 Resort (a 15-minute ride).

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