A Challenging Tale of First Love

Choi Eunyoung’s ‘The Summer’ explores same-sex relationships in a not-entirely-welcoming society

Unescapable Roots

Chung Han-ah’s novella ‘Halloween’ explores some unconventional ties

Keeping It Real

‘Sweet Potato: Collected Short Stories by Kim Tongin’ offers an unfiltered look at life in early modern Korea

Elephant in the Room, Unveiled

‘Sunset: A Ch’ae Manshik Reader’ profiles a writer as he grapples with his past

Adventures in Liminality

Jeon Sungtae’s ‘Wolves’ is Korean literature in a non-Korean setting

Graphic Understanding

Hong Yeon-Sik’s manhwa “Uncomfortably Happily” explores marriage, success and contemporary Korean society

Silent No Longer

“The Future of Silence” examines women’s literature in the post-war era

Paradise Not So Lost

Reprint of Yi Chongjun’s ‘Your Paradise’ refocuses attention on classic allegorical work

A Tale of Modern China

Veteran Korean novelist Jo Jung-Rae’s ‘The Human Jungle’ is a critical look at a rising world power