Hadong and Gurye

  Countryside charms and nature's beauty await along the banks of the Seomjingang River   Gazing southeast, the sun rises slowly but surely over the horizon. The Seomjingang River’s pristine waters reflect the morning light…

Old Is New Again

Young entrepreneurs use old buildings to give Seoul new life   “Dull, inert cities, it is true, do contain the seeds of their own destruction and little else. But lively, diverse, intense cities contain the seeds of their own regeneration,…

For Jonghyun

Fans create and curate a memorial for late Shinee frontman

More than Books

CGV’s Cine Library brings together film and the arts that inspire it

Local Titles Compete for Lunar New Year Box Office Crown

Studios hope for hits during the financially pivotal holiday season

Hot and Happening in Huam-dong

Experience the energy of one of Seoul’s grittier neighborhoods   Extending across a ridge close to the top of Namsan and sloping downwards towards Seoul Station and Sookmyoung Women’s University, Huam-dong is dotted with entertaining…

Timing is Everything

  Luck is on the side of Huam-dong’s BBQ joint, The 100 Food Truck   Sometimes, success is a matter of timing. Good timing can turn a good concept into a smashing success, while poor timing can turn great ideas into unworkable…

Riding the Tide, Walking the Runway

  Korea’s ‘first black model,’ Han Hyun-min adds beauty to Korea in more ways than one   On his Instagram feed, Han Hyun-min’s fierce facial expressions make it easy to forget that the internationally renowned model…


The hillside neighborhood on the southern slope of Namsan Mountain is a layered community   “Huam-dong is a neighborhood with a rich diversity of things in it, in the very heart of Seoul.” Lee Jun-hyeong, an architect with the…