Spring is here and style is in the air. Here are the top five styles you can’t miss this season. No really, you won’t miss these! They’re everywhere right now!

1. The floral dress

I don’t think it’s possible to walk two blocks in Seoul this spring without seeing someone in a calf-length floral dress. It’s the one piece to have this season. Floral dresses embody the feeling of spring, with vibrant patterns and flowing skirts mimicking an oh-so-cool breeze blowing through your hair.


 2. Frayed raw-hem jeans

Irregular length, tattered hems because neat hems are for squares … or circles in this case (because leg openings are circular. Get it? Bad joke?). These jeans pair well with pretty much any kind of shoe, so the trend is bound to stick around until fall, when you can pair them with a cute ankle bootie, too.


3. The slip dress/slip top

Showing a lot of skin above the waist is more of a no-no in Korea. But not to worry, layering is super-in right now. Layer a solid basic under a slip dress to complete a chic, early 2000s look. Don’t feel like wearing a dress? Then a blouse version can be equally as chic!


 4. Exaggerated sleeves

Big flouncy sleeves are in and designers like The Studio K know this! Long gone are the days when too-long sleeves were rolled up to the elbow; now it’s a fashion statement for your sleeves to cascade beyond your wrists.


 5. Irregular button-up blouses

I’ve seen basic blouses this year turned into high fashion by simply skewing them off-shoulder or sporting them backwards. Whichever you choose, make sure to wear it with confidence!

Written and Photographed by Nailah @nerd_n_niceclothes