Hanso 2

Guesthouses Hanso 1 and 2 provide warmth and comfort in a private setting in the center of Seoul’s indie scene

If you are a family or a group of friends and in need of a place to stay in Seoul with all the facilities of a hotel but at much lower price, try Hanso 1 and Hanso 2 in the vibrant Hongdae district.


Hanso 1

The Hongdae area, with its indie music scene and bars, cafés and restaurants that cater to a younger crowd, is one of Seoul’s most popular travel destinations. Raye, Hanso’s owner, lived in the neighborhood for several years and simply loved it. When she moved to another area of Seoul, she missed the vibrancy so much she chose to open two guesthouses there. A veteran traveler who spent over ten years of her life abroad, where she developed a love of the guesthouse experience, she felt the urge to share her own experience and provide lodging to travelers. But as a former employee of a luxury hotel chain, she refused to skimp on creature comforts.


Hanso 2

Privacy and comfort

Her priorities for her guests are privacy, safety and quality. This is especially evident when you enter Hanso 2. It is a small, single-story house, tucked between smaller apartment buildings in a quieter part of Hongdae. The place is completely isolated from its neighbors, making it very quiet and personal. To elevate the level of comfort, she chose raw materials such as wood for the bed and entrance and linen for bedding. Everything about Hanso 2 simply makes you feel at home, even the duck feather blankets, a guest favorite. The space feels like an island of coziness and peace in the heart of Seoul.


Hanso 2

Raye promotes the Hongdae area even further by displaying works of art by local artists. She also has scouted most of the area’s restaurants and cafés and is an excellent guide during your stay. She is delighted to share meals or drinks with her guests, too. She takes particular pleasure in organizing barbecue evenings at Hanso 1.

Hanso 1 is a much bigger space than Hanso 2, with two stories, four bedrooms, two terraces and a lovely garden with a pond. It adheres to the same high standards Raye considers essential for a comfortable and peaceful stay but on a much bigger scale. It’s your home away from home, only larger.


Hanso 1

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More info

Contact Raye at T. 010-8326-8289 or


Written and photographed by Romain John