Popular variety show ‘Three Meals a Day’ goes fishing again as farming spin-off ends

The variety TV show “Three Meals a Day: In Gochang” aired its last episode of the series a few weeks ago. The show, which followed four celebrities who had to work in the countryside so they could eat three meals a day, became a hit by being unique and picking the right celebrities to lure in a big audience.

An original member returns

So, what is next for “Three Meals a Day?” If you thought you’d have to wait six months for another season, guess again. “Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village” Series 3 is due to start airing next month. This season will feature an original member of the first two series of “Fishing Village,” actor Lee Seo-jin. He will be joined by actor Yoon Kyun-sang and singer/actor Eric Mun of popular boy band Shinhwa. A preview of the new season was revealed during the last episode of season two.

Producer and director Na Young-seok recently sat down with local media to discuss the new members of the show and how the new series is being approached. Commenting on Shinhwa member Eric, he said, “Eric hasn’t done a variety show by himself before. He was shy at first. But we cast him because everyone knows he fishes regularly. He was happy to learn Lee Seo Jin was appearing, because they had been friendly in the past.”


An honest day’s work

“Three Meals a Day: in Gochang” was a spin-off of “Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village,” which itself was a spin-off of the original series, which was set in the mountain town of Jeongseon.

The variety show aired every Friday. Audiences saw the members doing odd-jobs such as planting rice fields, picking and packaging grapes and picking watermelons.

The original series saw the cast having to find their own food in the little rural village of Jeongseon, Gangwon-do three days a week. The cast were joined by a number of celebrities for dinner. The show was extended due to popular request from viewers.

With new members joining an original cast member, the next series is going to be a treat for viewers. Be sure to watch the first episode which will be aired on the Oct. 14 on tvN.


Written by Dina Abubakr

Photos courtesy of tvN