Forget pumpkin spice lattes – fashion is the best thing about fall

It’s that time of year again. Layers! Scarves! Soft fabrics and warm tones! While some people are getting excited about Halloween or their favorite seasonal creation from Starbucks, we’re looking forward to something else entirely: fall clothes. Stores in Seoul are full to the brim of pretty stuff to spend your paycheck on this season. So, with the help of street fashion photographer Alex Finch, we’ve sourced a mix of the best picks for your perusal.

Button-down skirts

Button-down skirts are everywhere at the moment – and with good reason. They’re both versatile and comfortable, and come in a variety of denim and corduroy fabrics to keep you warm. Pair a button-down skirt with ankle booties and thick tights to stay both cozy and cute this fall.

Knit sweater . . . plus dog

It’s a knit sweater and it has a dog on it. What more could you need?


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Pet Prints

Not enough to have someone else’s dog on your stuff? Thank You Studios Korea offer, uber-trendy photo shoots for you and your pet, with set packages offering everything from photography prints to printed stationary and accessories. Check out their new pop-up store at Alver in Gangnam, complete with an in-house photo booth for you and your furry friend.



No fall fashion write-up would be complete without at least some mention of plaid. Pair a plaid shirt with a white t-shirt and relaxed jeans, throw on an oversized plaid scarf to jazz up an outfit; there are a million ways to add a shot of something checked to your ensemble. It’s a fail-safe pattern to add to any wardrobe during fall.


Oversized sweaters

Every fall and winter wardrobe needs a soft, oversized, block-color sweater. Easy to throw on with jeans and a jacket, they’re even easier to put on over your pajamas when it’s just too darn cold to go outside.

Slip-on shoes

A sturdy pair of slip-ons in suede or canvas is the perfect seasonal cross-over shoe. Feeling brave? Roll up your jeans and reveal your ankles, which in Korea seems to be acceptable until at least mid-November. Chilly? Pair with socks and long pants instead.



Dungarees were all over London Fashion Week earlier this year, bringing back childhood memories for anyone whose parents still dressed them in the ’90s. Luckily for the more nostalgic among us, they’re back in style. A denim pair of dungarees will go perfectly over a knit sweater this fall, and are great for those bitterly cold days when the last thing you want is a breeze around your midriff.

Leather book bags

There’s just something about fall that bodes well with leather. A good-quality leather backpack in autumnal hues will be an investment for many seasons to come.


Written by Rhiannon Shepherd
Photographed by Alex Finch