[box_dark]Hangang River Cruise | 한강유람선[/box_dark]

Taking a cruise is a great way to enjoy the fresh air and get away from it all. Enjoy spectacular nighttime views of the Hangang River on themed cruises with live magic and delicious food. There are also seasonal events, including a flower cruise in spring and a migratory bird cruise in autumn. Several boats ply the waters of the Hangang River, making one-way or round-trip tours. There are three major places to get on or off the ferries: the Yeouido, Jamsil, and Ttukseom docks. Tickets cost KRW 13,000.


Buffet programs cost KRW 65,000 for dinner and KRW 35,900 for lunch.

Riverside landmarks include Jeoldusan Martyrs’ Shrine, the 63 City Building, N Seoul Tower, Seoul Forest, Seonyudo Island Park, and the 1988 Olympic Stadium.

T. 02-3271-6900, www.elandcruise.com

Yeouinaru Station 여의나루역 (Line 5), Jamsilnaru Station 잠실나루역 (Line 2), and Ttukseom Resort Station 뚝섬유원지역 (Line 7)

크게 보기여의나루역

크게 보기잠실나루역

크게 보기뚝섬유원지역