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Dean of Hallyu Graduate School
Jin Ryong Yoo
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Hallyu Graduate School Opens, Offers Special Course for Foreigners

The Catholic University of Korea founded its Hallyu Graduate School in June 2012, naming former Vice Minister of Culture Jin Ryong Yoo as its first dean.

During its opening ceremony on Oct 9, Yoo said the goal of the school was to contribute to boosting the national brand value through the Korean Wave and to systematically analyze and research the Korean Wave at a time when raising national competitiveness through culture was growing in importance.

The Hallyu Graduate School will provide a basic intellectual platform for understanding Korean Wave culture and cultural industries through practical hands-on research, as well as for planning and producing a creative Korean Wave culture to lead the cultural content industries of the future. It also hopes to produce leaders who can create and spread a new Korean Wave by way of cooperation with various sectors through its more practical and flexible curriculum.

The school currently offers a Hallyu MBA program to produce cultural business experts and an Advanced Management Program for Global Hallyu Contents, a nondegree program. It also provides another non-degree program, the ACE (Attractive Cultural Experience) Korea Program, designed to give foreign residents in Korea a deeper understanding of the country through the Korean Wave.


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