Healing, the traditional way

Templestay Week offers you a chance to discover a 1,700-year-old tradition for even less

Stone Temple Buddhas

Gyeongju’s Golgulsa is home to Seonmudo martial arts tradition

Where the Dharma dwells

Beopjusa Temple’s Templestay program is a chance to recharge in one of Korea’s most historic monasteries

Woljeongsa Temple

Learn about the temple’s founder while learning about yourself

Temple of Filial Piety

Yongjoosa‘s Templestay program is a chance to reflect on what kind of son or daughter you‘ve been

Beomeosa Templestay

[box_light]Beomeosa Templestay 범어사 템플스테이 A Busan hideaway well within the city limits[/box_light] Written and photographed by Jason Teale When you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life in Korea, it’s…

Experiencing the Way of the Buddha

[box_light]Experiencing the Way of the Buddha Templestay program at beautiful Naesosa Temple lets you get back to the basics[/box_light] Written and photographed by Simon Bond Hidden in the verdent forests and picturesque mountains of Byeonsanbando…