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Geumnidan Eats

Older dining fixtures can be found at Geumnam Market but near the new high-rise apartments there’s a steady stream of new and hip eateries

It’s a Delicious Day in the Neighborhood

Gourmet Tree brings a bit of France to Geumho-dong Chef Kim Sung-Mo of Gourmet Tree is a man of few words. Fortunately, he can let his food speak for him. It spins tales of far-away places, age-old techniques, and new ideas, all coming together in a cozy neighborhood bistro. Geumho might seem like an unlikely […]

Drawing History

In ‘Seoul’s Historic Walks in Sketches,’ illustrator Janghee Lee explores the city’s rich but unknown past “When I go overseas, all the buildings can look similar no matter how carefully I look at them. Visitors here can feel the same way. You should look at these buildings again after learning the stories they contain.” In […]

Everyone Has Something Valuable to Teach

Skill-sharing platforms change the way people teach and learn Kim Woo-chan has a collection of 10,000 LP vinyl records he has been collecting since his teenage years. The 56-year-old marketer wanted to share the analog experience of listening to old Western pop songs on a turntable. He started having friends over to listen to vinyl […]