Fashion Forecast’s Five: Normcore Florals

[box_light]Fashion Forecast’s Five: Normcore Florals[/box_light]

“Normcore” is an actively proliferating term that acts as both fashion and social commentary, acknowledging the would-be casual and mediocre as a sub-style movement. Whatever the origins, the neologism sheds light on the fact that, most of the time, we’d prefer to be lumpier, disaffected versions of ourselves. For this round of May flower fashion, take it easy, bring on the basics and forget the fops, you dandies.


Work Up a Sweat

Update the gym uniform with a bold digital print, making it cleaner than your grandma’s old couch cover.


FS Paul&Alice

Brand: Paul&Alice

Paul&Alice Ruffle Top, KRW 125,000


Brand: Billionaire Boys Club

Billionaire Boys Club, Floral Galaxy Crew, KRW 99,000



 Sneakin’ In

Feel like you’re forever frolicking in hills that are alive … Obviously with the sound of music.


Brand: Keds x Kate

Keds x Kate Spade Sneakers, USD 75

FSGourmet 사본

Brand: Gourmet

Gourmet 35 Lite Floral Trainers, USD195



Put a Cap on It

Let’s not kid ourselves: Unless you were born with a high crown, lids will wilt you like a weed.



Hand it over

For a season-less carryall, opt for flowers that are more symmetrical, namely circular ones; tropical blossoms tend to be resort-esque.


Brand: MCM

MCM Paradiso Backpack, Price TBA


Brand: SKOG

SKOG Tote, KRW 68,000



Full Throttle

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. For pyjama-after-hours affairs, opt for a sculpted, barely tailored silhouette. For the Sir-Mixalot special, work in ratios: one part large print, two parts small and clustered and one part complementary color to turn the party out.


Brand: Front Row

Front Row, Geometric Floral Top and Shorts, USD 70 and USD 68

FSBattenwear BattenwearOverhangShortsLilyPrint_L1

Brand: Battenwear

Battenwear, Navy Flower Parka and Lilly Shorts, KRW 580,000 and KRW 260,000