Zen Hideaway


© Seoul Selection

© Seoul Selection


Zen Hideaway | 젠 하이드어웨이


This stylish restaurant in Myeong-dong has a calming energy in a wide-open atmosphere. The interior has Japanese lines
but a Thai edge. The food is an interesting blend of Asian and Italian. Here you can get pastas with a spicy seafood sauce or
a salmon salad with peanut sauce that is unfortunately named “salmonera.” Their crisp Roma-style pizzas are an excellent
choice, as are their ricotta chicken and broccoli and apple Gorgonzola. If Thai is more your thing, they have noodle dishes and soups. If you prefer Japanese, they have sushi. It is a place that will impress whomever you bring here.



Cost: 15,000 a person
11:30am–9pm (last call)
T. 02-776-1461, www.zenhideaway.com
(4/5F, 52-13 Myeong-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul | 서울시 중구 명동2가 52-13 4, 5층)

Myeong-dong Station 명동역 (Line 4), Exit 6

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  • back in sweden I’m alayws sort of the last person who wants to go clubbing while many of my frineds go several times a week. I much prefer house parties or just having some beers with good frineds. Here in seoul where I have met most people at parties, that is where you will then usually start hanging out (clubs and such) when you meet and also, if you DON’T go to the events, you sort of feel like a boring friend (haha becasue thats what they actaully say if you don’t go) so yeah thats just how its been. I’m happy many of my new firneds are not at the gangnam party scene gives me some space from it. and I will probably appriciate it more when I’m not there all the time too. And also that I am much closer with some of my old party friends which means we don’t have to go clubbing to hang out. it sounds sort of obvious but in seoul it really isn’t.and yes Laine I am very happy right now ^___^