Nineteenth floor penthouse in Cheonho is the height of relaxation

Situated northeast of Jamsil, that tony area famous for Lotte World and the giant Lotte World Tower, Cheonho is but a short trip from Olympic Park, another landmark where you can enjoy leisure activities and the great outdoors. Cheonho is home to Rodeogeori, with its many clothing shops; Pungnaptoseong, an ancient fortress and popular scenic spot; and the Gwangjin Bridge, which offers the best views over the Hangang River. The bridge also has a concert hall slung underneath its span. Tourists frequently overlook Cheonho because of its non-central location, but this is a mistake — well connected with the rest of the city by two subway lines, Cheonho is just a few minute’s ride from midtown.

Jeff’s Guesthouse is a brand new penthouse situated on the 19th floor, a height that provides inspiring views over the Cheonho district. Jeff Kang, the owner, plans to put a jacuzzi on one of penthouse’s terraces, an addition that is sure to provide guests with some of the most relaxing sunsets they’ve ever experienced.

And if there’s something Kang knows plenty about, it’s relaxation. He currently owns a massage salon right across the street from the guesthouse. After a decade working in high class hotels and several years studying physical therapy overseas, he opened his own salon where he dispenses some of the best body care in the city. You’ll find no better place to rejuvenate your knotted shoulders and stiff legs after the long flight to Seoul.

Relaxation is the key to this luxurious place. Everything is clean, simple and where it should be. There’s little in the way of clutter. Kang also sees his guesthouse as something of a museum, a place where you can enjoy art, where you can appreciate a piece from the comfort of your couch or rocking chair. He favors impressionism and has set pieces in a very favorable light all over the guesthouse.

In a nutshell, Jeff’s Penthouse is not just a luxurious habitation turned into a guesthouse. It is a deeply relaxing and inspiring experience on top of the city, enhanced by your host’s excellent sense of service. If you want your Seoul trip to feel like no other, you know where to go.

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Contact info:

660, Olympic-ro, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

강재후 – Jeff

Salon phone number: 02-2041-9808

Written and photographed by Romain John