Experience Korean history in intimate surroundings at this Gangnam apartment-turned-accommodation

Nakhyun’s Guesthouse is, in fact, owned by a man named Nakhyun. The fully renovated apartment, a short walk from Dogok Station in Gangnam, was his childhood home. The Dogok Station area is a peaceful neighborhood inhabited by Seoul’s fabulously wealthy – it’s here you’ll find Samsung Tower Palace, one of Korea’s most expensive addresses. Much of the district’s charm comes from Yangjaecheon Stream, which is particularly beautiful in spring, when it’s countless cherry blossoms bloom.

Nakhyun’s Guesthouse is a spacious, four-bedroom space. There is much more than what meets the eye here.

Nakhyun has decorated his place with an artistic simplicity. There are no superfluous pieces of furniture, no cheap wall stickers or badly displayed art. Being an artist himself, the owner has decorated his home with taste and meaning. Ask him about that clock hanging on the balcony wall, and he will tell you its history and function, how he winds it every week as sailors did back when it was used. He will explain how his father built the small wooden cabinet between the living room and the table area as a triple drawer and safe that Nakhyun’s grandmother used all her life. Inquire about the art on the wall or the objects around you and you will be shown a part of Korea’s history in an intimate manner.

As the owner is a theater programmer, among his other artistic pursuits, he can give you invaluable information about shows and cultural experiences that will make your stay special and unforgettable.

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120, Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Contact info:

Kang Nakhyun


Written and photographed by Romain John