goods2_1475536089Are you a visitor to Korea and would like your hotel to stock copies of SEOUL, our monthly travel and culture magazine?

Well, then, please tell your hotel that we are offering copies of our magazine, one of the city’s most popular English-language monthlies, for the low, low price of KRW 1000 a copy when you make bulk purchases of 20 or more copies (IMPORTANT: for domestic purchases, i.e., purchases in Korea, only). Also be sure to tell them that In return for their support, we’ll be happy to include information about their promotions and events in our Expat Buzz section.

Please fill this form out and send it to

1. Recipient name (depositor’s name):
2. Subscription period:
3. Subscription distribution: 
4. Shipping address (including zip code):
5. Telephone/Mobile number:
6. E-mail address:
7. The starting month:

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Don’t forget to email us the information above at


We have 3 ways of payment.

  1. Account Transfer
    Customers in Korea:
    KEB (Korea Exchange Bank) 059-22-015491
    Customers in the United States:
    Bank of America 3250 0699 8901 (Seoul Selection USA Inc)
    Routing Number: 121000358
  2. Credit card
    Credit card (issued in Korea, 국내카드)
    Credit card (issued outside Korea)
  3. Paypal

After making the deposit, please send a follow-up email to