[box_light]Fashion 5: Undercover Layering[/box_light]

Written by Deanne Nguyen

As any lady who’s spent time outside Asia will notice, summer skin is a little more conservative on this side of the world. Though showing a bit of shoulder is totally Seoul-approved, the décolletage can turn heads for all the wrong reasons. But showing respect for local modesty doesn’t have to cover up your creativity; there are more stylish loopholes than a closet full of those ironic “summer cardigans.”

Start off with your basic camisole or one piece. General rule of cleavage: No “Y” looks fly. Next, feel free to layer over it with a structured crop top or the sheer layers that you’ve been saving for festivals only. The straighter cut of these trendy shapes will add dimension to your look while masking the collar line, making it both Korean workplace appropriate and evening-ready in a snap.

If you’re still feeling exposed, try a dickey or bib underneath, unbuttoned of course, or a summer scarf casually knotted over. And if you insist on that cardigan, drape it over your shoulders, collegiate style; your arms will be singing thank you all summer long.



uniqlocamisole copy

AIRism Bra Camisole,

Uniqlo, KRW 29,000


2014032805304_4_368x368 copy

Sleeveless One Piece,

8seconds, KRW 25,000


2014042107780_4_368x368 copy

Sleeveless Tee,

8seconds, KRW 15,000



Cropped tops

pinecropshirt copy

Pineapple Crop Top,

Mixxmix, KRW 27,000


스크린샷 2014-06-16 18 copy

Yellow Heart Crop Top,

Salad Bowls at Aland, KRW 56,000



Sheer Layers

stylenanda copy

Flower Knit Tee,

Style Nanda, KRW 47,000


simpleblouse copy

Simple Blouse,

Wonderplace, KRW 24,000




mixxmix_21414 copy

Bib Shirt,

Mixxmix, KRW 26,000



Summer scarf

scarf copy

Trendy No. 6 Scarf,

2econd Button at Wonderplace, KRW 39,000