Jan 2, 2014 / Issue No. 613
Warm Up with Seoul Selection’s Organic Citron Tea
Keep healthy this winter with a tasty Korean concoction
It’s winter, which means Seoul Selection is once again stocked with our popular Organic Citron Tea, made with love and care with citrons from lovely Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do.
Citron tea (yuja cha 유자차) is a traditional Korean tea made from citron. Citron fruit (yuja, 유자) is thinly sliced with its peel and combined with honey or sugar to make a preserve. The fruit is so prepared because of its otherwise sour, bitter taste.
Citron tea is used as a herbal remedy for the common cold and similar winter illnesses. It is also good for colds, coughs, headaches and chills because it contains a lot of vitamin C, which prevents colds and promote recovery from fatigue. It also helps people recover from colds quickly by causing perspiration to bring down fevers. It also helps sooth inflammation in throats and coughs, alleviates alcohol poisoning and helps in digestion.
Domestic orders only. KRW 30,000.
* To prepare as a beverage, take a tablespoon of yuja-cheong (thick, yellow syrupy citron) and stir it into a cup of hot (or iced) water.
Around the Web
A miscellany of high-quality hyperlinks from the week, courtesy of SEOUL editor-in-chief Robert Koehler.
– A Korean singer seeks to become a K-pop star.
– I hadn’t realized Uzbek was written in the Latin script. You learn something new every day.
– A Hallyu couple is born.
– Here’s a look at some interesting exhibits in 2014.
– Those are some wild columnar joints in Eupcheon. See more here.
Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra Special Concert
The Seoul-based orchestra and its artistic director Myung-Whun Chung will open the 2014 season with the concert “A Hero’s Life” to mark the 150th birthday of Richard Strauss. The German was one of the best-known composers of the late Romantic period and the early modern era. In the spirit of East meeting West, the orchestra will collaborate with sheng virtuoso Wu Wei of China and feature composer Unsuk Chin’s “Su, Concerto for Sheng and Orchestra.”
VENUE: Concert Hall, Seoul Arts Center
DATE: Jan 9, 8pm
ADMISSION: KRW 10,000–120,000
MORE INFO: T. 1588-1210, www.sac.or.kr
GETTING THERE: Nambu Bus Terminal Station 남부터미널역 (Line 3), Exit 5. Transfer to shuttle bus, or green bus No. 4429.
Javier Mariscal Exhibition
Spanish designer Javier Mariscal is the focus of an exhibition bringing together some 1,200 of his works spanning numerous genres and disciplines. The creator of Cobi, the mascot of the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics, he uses all type of mediums and disciplines to develop his works: comics, illustrations, graphics, textiles and industrial design, paintings, sculptures, multimedia, animation and interior design.
VENUE: Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center
PERIOD: Thru Mar 16
ADMISSION: KRW 8,000–12000
MORE INFO: T. 02-325-1077, www.sac.or.kr
GETTING THERE: Nambu Bus Terminal Station 남부터미널역 (Line 3), Exit 5. Transfer to shuttle bus, or green bus No. 4429.
Kids’ Fun Tour
Staying in Seoul for the holidays? Kids might be getting restless after the New Year’s holiday and before school starts. This tour begins at the Ice Gallery (www.icegallery.co.kr) where participants can watch the carving of a handled glass, stemmed glass or tea cup with lid; then for KRW 5,000 each, participants can try it themselves! Then participants can enter the ice sculptures exhibition hall (KRW 7,000 each). Here kids can use a mat on an ice slide, lay on an ice bed, see an ice piano, computer, kitchen and other fun ice sculptures.
Participants will walk about 15 minutes through Bukchon’s picturesque hanok neighborhoods to arrive at Bukchon Traditional Craft Center. Here you will have the option of 3 crafts: handkerchief dyeing (KRW 8000), gilded bookmarks (KRW 15,000) knotted bracelet making (KRW 7000).
VENUE: Bukchon
DATE: Jan 3, 10am-2pm
ADMISSION: Free for SIWA members; KRW 10,000 for non-members.
MORE INFO: See here.
RASKB Lecture: Baekdu Daegan as One Mountain System
The Baekdu Daegan is the biosphere of the entire Korean peninsula. After completing the first-ever photographic documentation of the Baekdu Daegan in both Koreas, Roger Shepherd now ponders whether the Baekdu Daegan has any hope of being shared by both Koreas as a national symbol of homogeneous identity. Further to that; with South Korea vying for the Baekdu Daegan to be a UNESCO world heritage site, what obstacles and opportunities will this submission face in regards to getting the North Koreans on board? Can it be done? His talk will be followed by a slide show featuring his explorative work from DPRK.
Roger Shepherd is a New Zealander residing in Korea. Through his lens and writings he makes his full-time living exploring Korea’s Baekdu Daegan and its ethnographic connections with Korea’s identity. His photographic work has been exhibited in New Zealand, South Korea, and North Korea. Recently he published a 160p photo-art book on Mountains of the Baekdu Daegan from North & South Korea. Copies will be on sale after the lecture.
VENUE: Second floor Residents’ Lounge, Somerset Palace
DATE: Jan 7, 7:30pm
ADMISSION: KRW 7,000 (non-member); free for members
MORE INFO: See here.
Everyday Koreans

Happy New Year

First sunrise of 2014, seen from Mt. Maebongsan near Sindang-dong, Seoul. Happy New Year, everybody. Photo by Robert Koehler.
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