[box_light]Ulsan  울산[/box_light]

The industrial powerhouse of Ulsan is Korea’s motor and shipbuilding capital, but has its scenic charms, too. In particular, the peak of Mt. Ganwolsan (1,037 meters) in the heart of the Yeongnam Alps makes for a great autumn hike thanks to its grand fields of golden reeds. A popular hot spring resort at the foot of the mountain is perfect for relaxing after a hike. Another unique Ulsan site is Bangudae Cliff, which has prehistoric cliff carvings that are national treasures. Binoculars are on hand to help see the prehistoric artwork, which indicates that whaling has been part of the Ulsan scene for a long time.


EAT>For something a bit different, several restaurants near Ulsan Whale Museum specialize in whale meat.

SEE>To experience Ulsan’s industrial landscape, check out the Onsan Petro Chemical area.

DO>Hike Mt. Ganwolsan and take in the reed fields.

STAY>Ulsan has a wide range of accommodations, including high-end options like the Hyundai and Lotte hotels.


GO>The KTX to Ulsan departs from Seoul Station.