[box_dark]Sunchang  순창[/box_dark]

The pleasant southwestern farming town of Sunchang is renowned for gochujang, the famed Korean red pepper paste and an integral ingredient in that most representative of Korean dishes, bibimbap. The Sunchang Fermented Soybean Festival (Oct 31–Nov 2) pays tribute to the town’s culinary heritage with hands-on programs, the making of giant bowls of bibimbap and tteokbokki, cultural performances and more. The festival will be held in and around Sunchang Traditional Gochujang Village, established in 1997, to bring together the town’s gochujang masters. Among highlights in the village are the Sunchang Fermented Sauces Experience Center and the Sunchang Jangryu Museum. Home to 149 residents, the village also offers hanok-style accomodations.

EAT>You haven’t had a bibimbap until you’ve had it in this region.

SEE>The Sunchang Traditional Gochujang Competition

DO>Try your hand at making gochujang.

STAY>Accommodations are available in Sunchang Traditional Gochujang Village.

FYI>T. 063-650-1624

GO>Buses to Sunchang depart from Seoul Central Bus Terminal (travel time: 3 hours).