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Seoul International School

Seoul International School (SIS) is a dedicated learning community driven by the belief that challenging curricula, inspired instruction, and high expectations are the hallmarks of an outstanding education. Its teaching staff are carefully chosen from among the very best schools around the world; more than two-thirds hold Master’s degrees or higher and bring, on average, 12 years teaching experience to their positions. SIS doesn’t take just anyone—more than one-third of applicants do not meet its demanding academic entry standards. Once admitted, students follow a rigorous US standards-based curriculum designed to prepare them for the best colleges and universities in America. To graduate from SIS is to be part of a select group slated for academic, personal, and professional success. Current SIS alumni are enrolled at Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Julliard, Amherst, Cornell, Columbia, and U Penn, to name a few. While past performance offers no guarantees, SIS’s proven track record and reputation speaks for itself.

For more information, call 031-750–1200 or visit www.siskorea.org.