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Seorak Waterpia | 설악 워터피아

Nestled in scenic Seoraksan Mountain, Seorak Waterpia is a large theme park offering a wide variety of leisure activities and hot springs. Its outdoor saunas not only soothe your soul but command a magnificent view overlooking the snow-covered Alps of Korea. In addition to the usual water park facilities, there is also a theme park with water rafts and body slides. The mineral water they use comes from a nearby location and is rich in sodium, calcium, magnesium, carbonic acid, and sulfuric acid.


The in-house food court and other dining outlets offer standard meals and snacks. But a simple bus trip to Sokcho’s pier market areas offers an eye-opening dining experience.

The in-house condo offers a variety of accommodations, with the rate depending on the number of people sharing the unit. You can also opt to stay in the downtown Sokcho area.

Waterpia’s 18-hole golf course and the many other attractions of Seorak Plaza Land make it an ideal place for families to relax. If you are refreshed enough from the hot springs, try exploring Seoraksan in a quicker but more convenient way, via the cable car. There are many local bus routes going to the cable car station.

T. 033-630-5500, 033-630-5800
www.seorakwaterpia.com (Korean, English)
Admission is 38,000 won for adults, 28,000 won for children.
(24-1 Jangsa-dong, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do | 강원도 속초시 장사동 24-1)

Take a bus at Sokcho Bus Terminal and get off at the Sokcho fire department. Take bus No. 3 or 3-1 across from the fire department and get off at Hanwha Resort (about 15 minutes).

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