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Date Night: Geumho Edition

Indulge in the area’s best With spring in full swing, there’s no better time to get out and explore the city. While Seoul has its fair share of reliable hotspots, there’s an undeniable charm in discovering something new. Enter Geumho-dong, a small up and coming burb between Oksu and Yaksu stations. Lit by lanterns spilling […]

Raising the Bar

Pussyfoot Saloon elevates the Seoul cocktail scene Even as you descend the outdoor stairs, you feel like you are being transported to another, more beautiful world. Bamboo lines the top of the walls of the courtyard, and floor to ceiling windows lead you into a sleek, sophisticated space where plush blue seats surround one of […]

The White Book

Nominated for the Booker Prize, Han Kang’s latest novel asks if literature can heal real-life tragedy Korean novelist Han Kang became an international literary sensation after the English translation of her novel “The Vegetarian” was published in 2015. It was not the first of Han’s books to be translated into English. A short story/novella called […]

Streaming Disruption

Netflix makes waves in the Korean entertainment industry It’s hard to deny that Netflix has revolutionized the way we consume media, and the deep-pocketed streaming service provider is giving conventional broadcasters here in Korea a run for their money with several new original series that have been generating lots of buzz. The global streaming giant, […]

Inter-Korean Relations on the Big Screen

South Korean depictions of North Korea evolve as times and conditions change Of late, the relationship between South and North Korea has dominated the news wires both home and abroad, though not because of the escalation of tensions that many residents here are accustomed to. Rather, the opposite — the historic summit between South Korean […]

Are Idol-Making Reality Shows An Exploitive Bust?

“Mix Nine” cancellation reveals contracts mean nothing Last month, YG Entertainment released an official statement apologizing for the cancellation of the debut of the final group from JTBC’s “Mix Nine.” The reality show, much like “Produce 101” or “Idol School,” had trainees from multiple agencies competing for a spot in a new idol group, voted […]


A Neighborhood Café with Pink Surprises

Stylish café mAgnstudio brings fashion chic to Geumho-dong After a five-minute walk from Singeumho Station, the steep downward slope begins — how lucky was I to step out at Singeumho Station instead of taking Line 3 to Geumho Station, where I would have had to climb up instead of down! — and soon, an exceptionally […]

Winter Fun

From ice fishing in luxury to scaling frozen waterfalls at risk of life and limb, Korea gives you plenty of reasons to get outside in the snow