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[box_dark]K-Shuttle | 케이셔틀버스[/box_dark] The K-Shuttle package is a foreigner-only bus tour that travels around Korea’s major attractions outside Seoul. K-Shuttle offers three routes, with one course covering the southwestern region of Korea and the other two visiting the southeastern region. These packages cost KRW 290,000, covering two nights of accommodation, two breakfasts, and admission tickets to tourist sites. For travelers seeking more flexibility in their itineraries, it is also possible to purchase bus tickets by section instead of purchasing the full route. The tours are led by professional tour guides.

Grab something you’ve never tasted before in posh Seoul restaurants, along with a bottle of locally produced soju.

Ask your tour conductor about each region’s specialty items before hitting the market for souvenir hunting.

Passengers can explore every nook and corner of Korea, veering away from the conventional pattern of traveling that focuses on major cities.

T. 1899-2508, www.k-shuttle.com