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Nonsan Strawberry Festival


Courtesy of Nonsan Strawberry Festival


Courtesy of Nonsan Strawberry Festival


[box_dark] Nonsan Strawberry Festival | 논산딸기축제[/box_dark]


Home to some of Korea’s tastiest strawberries, Nonsan is holding a strawberry festival Apr 3–7 and will invite visitors to pick (and eat) as many strawberries as they can, not to mention purchase any number of strawberry treats to take home. Exhibitions, hands-on activities, and a visit to Nonsan’s specialty market are highly recommended. There are also plenty of original strawberry creations for visitors to sample, such as strawberry rice cakes and even strawberry hot sauce, as well as established treats like strawberry pancakes and strawberry jam. To participate in the strawberry picking program, try to buy a ticket on-site as early as possible, as participation is limited to approximately 1,000 people per day.

To Korean men, Nonsan is quite well known, since the army boot camp for soldiers who are beginning their compulsory training is there. Step into a dilapidated local diner and enjoy a hearty meal, just like a new Korean recruit.

Festivalgoers can participate in various activities such as cake making, sampling, and teeter-totter jumping games.

Local attractions include Gwanchoksa Temple, where Eunjin Mireuk, a large-standing Buddhist sculpture from the medieval Goryeo period, is treasured as a national heritage item.

Abundant accommodation options are available throughout the city.

T. 041-733-0861, www.nsfestival.co.kr
(Nonsancheon Stream, Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do | 충남 논산시 논산천)

From Central City Terminal, take an intercity bus to Nonsan; from Yongsan Station, take a train to Nonsan Station. Travel time is one and a half hours.

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