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Namwon Chunhyang Festival | 남원춘향제


Namwon will hold the annual Chunhyang Festival Apr 26–30, which commemorates the love story of Chunhyang set against the city in the dynastic times. In the classic story, Chunhyang is a maiden who is forced to entertain a local magistrate while the young man she really loves, Lee Mong-ryong, is away on government affairs. When Mongryong returns as a high-ranking official, things are set straight and the maiden is set free, giving the tale a happy ending. A variety of events and performances will be on offer— traditional music contests, farmer’s percussion shows, a sijo (Korean traditional short lyric poem) contest, a traditional game experience zone, and swing riding.

Namwon is a signature powerhouse of chueotang 추어탕 (loach soup), a highly recommended health food in Korea. Try a bowl of loach stew full of spices in Namwon and you may feel recharged enough to get going.

Namwon makes a great base camp for hikers planning to explore the northern side of the famous Jirisan Mountain.

The beauty contest will return with a number of local beauties and aspiring actresses, promising to feast and purify your eyes.

In addition to the hotels, motels, and homestays available in the city, festivalgoers may want to stay near Jirisan, where a group of condos, resort hotels, and youth hostels can be found.

T. 063-620-4861,
(Gwanghallu, Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do | 전북 남원시 광한루원)

Catch a Namwon-bound KTX train at Yongsan Station or take an express bus from Central City Bus Terminal.

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