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Discounts from Jin Air

진에어 항공기 사진

Courtesy of Jin Air


Discounts from Jin Air | 진에어 특별 이벤트


You now have a reason to keep your airline tickets after leaving the airplane: they can be used as discount coupons! Budget carrier Jin Air has launched a special promotion package in cooperation with its business partners. Regardless of their destinations, those who have flown Jin Air this year will be offered a 30-percent discount on up to two tickets for the Olympus Ensemble concert on Apr 18 in Seoul. The ensemble is a 7-piece group created by Olympus Corporation Korea in 2012. Also, Jin Air’s domestic patrons who travel to Jejudo Island will be offered a KRW 3,000 discount for each admission ticket to Jeju Folk Village. The Jejudo discount program will continue until Apr 30. At Jeju Folk Village, the unique lifestyle and traditional culture of the island province are showcased as they appeared during the 19th century. Over 8,000 pieces of folk articles are displayed here including household equipment, farming instruments, fishing tools, furniture, and earthenware. Traditional cultural performances such as folk songs, haenyeo (female diver) dances, and mask dances are held twice a day in its concert hall. Don’t forget to take advantage of Jin Air’s “Nabi Point” system. Use your saved up Nabi Points from both domestic and international flights to earn free one-way and roundtrip tickets to destinations anywhere in Korea.

You need to show your airline ticket when purchasing admission tickets.
For details on the concert program, check out www.olympushall.co.kr or call 1544-1555.