i Tour Seoul mobile app helps you get around the city the smart way

In this hyperconnected world of ubiquitous mobile devices, virtually universal Internet and social media, a world-class city needs a world-class tourism app. And with the i Tour Seoul app, Seoul provides just that. An expert tour guide at your fingertips, the app provides a seemingly endless amount of useful information and services, including top 10 lists, recommended attractions, events and festivals, hotel reservations, real-time bus information, a subway map and more. If visitors to Seoul have just one tourism app on their smart phone, this should be it.

Everything you wanted to know about Seoul

i Tour Seoul puts at the user’s disposal the app’s encyclopedic knowledge of the city. The app has extensive directories of Seoul’s tourist attractions, stores, restaurants, hotels and other facilities. Additionally, the app gives you the day’s weather, information on transportation, locations of tourist information centers for more personal consultations and more.

Particularly helpful — to both those new to Seoul and grizzled veterans of the city — is i Tour Seoul’s recommendations and specialized lists. Seoul’s best tourism minds are constantly coming up with thematic lists and articles to help travelers and residents discover new aspects of the city. Recent lists and articles include a solo traveler’s guide to Seoul, retro shops and cafés, springtime dessert cafés and old-school coffee shops and a day in the life of pop group TVXQ star U-Know Yunho.

As self-evidently great most of the sites introduced are, you don’t have to rely on Seoul Metropolitan Government’s word alone. Information of destinations include links to Trip Advisor, where you can find thousands upon thousands of real reviews by real travelers. As of the time of writing, Gyeongbokgung Palace had nearly 8,760 reviews on Trip Advisor, most overwhelmingly positive. The app also includes links to Instagram — because seeing is believing, after all.

Convenient and cutting edge

The i Tour Seoul app uses the latest advances in information technology to provide an optimum user experience.

Connected to the official Seoul travel site, VisitSeoul.net, the app offers real-time tourist information. This means you’ll always feel in the loop — when the city knows it, you’ll know it. You can also get real-time information on subways, buses and other means of transportation? Wondering where your bus is? Use the i Tour Seoul app and find out.

Wondering what’s nearby? Want to know where the nearest subway station is? The app’s location-based services provide you with a constantly updating list of sightseeing destinations, restaurants, cafés, shops, hotels and other businesses near you.

The simple, uncluttered interface is not only pleasing to the eye, but also provides an intuitive user experience. Never has getting travel information on the go been so easy.

i Tour Seoul has plenty of linguistic diversity, too. The app comes in five different languages: Korean, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese.

FYI> You can download the app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play. For more information, visit english.visitseoul.net

Written by SEOUL staff