[box_dark]Paju Jangdan Soybean Festival  파주 장단 콩 축제[/box_dark]

Like soybeans? Well, go with haste to Paju, home to Jangdan soybeans, which are considered among Korea’s finest. So praised are the beans that during the Joseon Dynasty, they were served to the king. The festival venue is Imjingak, a park along the Korean DMZ that also serves as a war memorial and symbol of national division. While in Paju, also check out Heyri Art Valley, a collection of uniquely designed homes, galleries and workshops built for the benefit of Korea’s creative community. Paju Book City is home to 250 publishing houses in cutting-edge architecture that blends with the surrounding wetlands.

EAT>Tofu made from Jangdan beans.

SEE>Pinwheels and installation art on the Hill of Wind of Imjingak’s Pyeonghwanuri Park.

DO>Learn to cook with Jangdan beans.

STAY>Paju is a day trip from Seoul, but for an expertly designed and architecturally inspired place to stay, try Jijihyang Guesthouse (T. 031-955-0090) in Paju Book City.


GO>Take a train from Seoul Station to Munsan Station. At Munsan, switch to a train for Imjingak.