Daily Delights

Here are my suggestions for a great food day in Seoul.

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Abalone Rice Porridge at Sen Jeonbokjuk 센전복죽
Abalone rice porridge is a delicacy in Korea that used to be served to kings. This dish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is a good source of iron, thiamine, and vitamins. When it is made with the green organs of the shellfish, the dish jumpstarts the immune system and aids digestion. At Sen, all they do is make jeonbokjuk, and you’ll find it in various sizes and made with different ingredients. It’s a great way to start your day.


Gangnam> Sen Jeonbok Juk 센전복죽


T. 02-522-1053
Open: 11am-10pm
Price: KRW 15,000–25,000

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Poached Pork and Potato Dumpling Soup at Parunsik 바른식 시골보쌈 & 감자옹심이
Parunsik specializes in slow foods that are made with care. A great lunch you can get here is the poached pork meal, featuring tender pork dipped in a salted shrimp sauce, wrapped in fresh cabbage, and topped with fresh garlic. You can also get the clear and chewy potato stew. The side dishes and the stone-bowl steamed rice are famous here as well. Parunsik is a great place to get a complete, delicious meal.


Jongno> Parunsik 바른식 시골보쌈 & 감자옹심이


T. 02-739-7075
Open: 11am–11pm
Price: KRW 7,000–30,000

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Dog Soup at Yetnal Sacheoltang Samgyetang 옛날사철탕
Although considered taboo by other nations, in Korea eating a special breed of hwanggu dog is considered to be medicinal food during the hot summer months. This restaurant has been sticking to tradition and serving “rejuvenating” food for over 30 years. This clean restaurant serves up hearty dog soup in a spiced broth topped with plenty of ground wild sesame seed. The meat has a unique taste that is similar to lamb. After finishing the soup, you can ask them to make fried rice with the reduced broth.


Near SNU> Yetnal Sacheoltang Samgyetang 옛날사철탕


Open: 11am–1am
T. 02-885-2215
Price: KRW 11,000–22,000
Seoul National Univ. Station 서울대입구역 (Line 2),
Exit 6. Turn left at the intersection and cross the road.

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Stone-Bowl Red Bean Shaved Ice at Huidonga Ommada 희동아 엄마다
After so much healthy food, the evening is time to refresh yourself with a light and cooling dessert. This quaint little café is set in a Korean house with a delightful indoor garden that is perfect for enjoying tea. Huidonga Ommada is known for its homemade rice cakes, which the daughter makes from her mother’s recipes. In summer they offer red-bean shaved ice desserts known as patbingsu, served in a Korean stew pot. The patbingsu is cool and creamy because of the frozen milk on the bottom, but the highlight of this dish is the roasted soybean powder rice cakes that add a bit of nutty flavor. Yum.


Samcheong-dong> Huidonga Ommada 희동아엄마다


Open: 11am–10pm
T. 02-720-0704
Price: KRW 5,000-12,000