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Mt. Achasan | 아차산

One of the most popular spots from which to watch the sunrise in Seoul is Mt. Achasan in Gwangjin-gu. Located on the easternmost extremities of the city, the peak offers Seoulites the earliest views of the rising sun as it comes up over the distant mountains, illuminating the winding Hangang River below. It’s also an easy, 30-minute hike, with gentle and well-marked hiking paths to the top.

There should be hot drinks and snacks on hand on the morning, but bring your own hot coffee just in case.

Before you go, buy some warm hiking gear in Namdaemun or Dongdaemun markets.

After taking in the sunrise, take in a bit of history and culture by visiting the old Goguryeo fortress on the mountain’s slopes.

www.gwangjin.go.kr/achasan (Korean only)
(Mt. Achasan, Gwangjang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul | 서울시 광진구 광장동 아차산)

Anchasan Station 아차산역 (Line 5), Exit 2. Turn left at the first intersection, right at the three-way intersection, and head towards Hwayangsa Temple. Past the temple is the Daeseongam trail entrance.


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