Gopchang, Daechang, Makchang

Take your pick of Seoul’s tastiest beef innards and offals at these specialty restaurants below.

Food as Play

Chef Chanoh Manu Lee of Chanou combines art and culture to create food fit for the five senses. Chef Chanoh Lee’s bashful smile and soft voice belie his tall, broad physique. “Sorry, I talk about this too many times, and I don’t enjoy…

The Diverse Flavors of the City

Seoul has plenty of places to learn international cooking

Iyeolchiyeol vs. Inaengchiyeol

There’s a Korean foodie defense to the summer onslaught. Fight fire with fire, by devouring steaming hot stews or fight fire with ice by gorging on chilly but tasty noodles. ● Iyeolchiyeol: Fight Fire with Fire ○ Inaengchiyeol: Fight…

The Sweet Smell of Summer Smoke

Barbeque fans go the distance to try some of the best smoked meat on the peninsula at Wonju’s Sweet Oak

Sizzlin’ Ribs in Seoul

Once you start on the ribs on this list, you’ll be licking your lips, fingers, chopsticks and all manner of utensils.

Burger Special

The city’s full of delicious burger joints, each with their distinctive styles. Pair them with a calorie-laden milkshake or a cool pint of ale, the choice is yours.

Truly Amazing

Steven Park’s Amazing Brewing Company makes craft brews for a crafty neighborhood

Gukbap for the Seoul

Chef Park Chan-il’s Gwanghwamun Gukbap is on its way to become the Seoul standard of the nation’s beloved soul food