Dream Forest


Dream Forest, a massive green park where the Dreamland amusement park used to stand, is surrounded by the densely forested mountains of Byeogosan and Opaesan. Dream Forest provides diverse attractions to visitors, together with an abundant amount of natural vegetation. The park accommodates various cultural venues, and its landscaping works are designed in the traditional architectural style of Korea. The Visitor Center’s ground floor features the Design Seoul Gallery. Divided into three sections, the exhibits here describe Seoul’s ambitious environmental development plans. The Dream Forest Art Center stages a series of family-oriented concerts and opera productions throughout August.

A range of dining options are available at the various cafés and restaurants, including the upscale Chinese restaurant Maylin.

The park’s standout feature is its 50-meter-tall observatory, which provides 360-degree panoramas and truly dramatic views of northern Seoul’s tallest peaks, including Samgaksan and Dobongsan.


Take Line 1 to Wolgye Station 월계역, Exit 2. Walk 50 m and take bus No. 147 to the park’s East Gate. You can also take the Seongbuk No. 14 bus from Exit 7 of Seokgye Station 석계역 (Line 1).
To get to the West Gate, where the Arts Center and its observatory are located, take Line 4 to
Mia Samgeori Station 미아삼거리역, Exit 2. There’s a bus stop 30 m from there. At the bus stop,
hop on local bus Gangbuk No. 05 and get off at Dream Forest’s West Gate.