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Mt. Gwanaksan

삼막사아래 개울


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Mt. Gwanaksan, which forms Seoul’s southern border, is famous for its spectacular scenery of rugged peaks and luscious valleys. Its diversity of walking trails offers hikers dynamic routes suited to every level of experience. In spring, hikers are blessed with tons of blooming azalea bushes lining the trails. At the foot of the 629 meter-high mountain, just beyond the Gwancheon Park entrance, is Gwacheon Hyanggyo, a Confucian temple. A sprawling number of makgeolli and bindaetteok vendors grace the entrance area.

Makgeolli, or crude rice wine, has become a popular drink after mountain climbing, while bindaetteok pancakes made of ground mung beans and vegetables or meat is a quintessential snack to go with makgeolli.

Typical Korean mountain souvenir items, like “filial piety” back scratchers and toy cameras, can also be found there.

The main attraction, besides the summit, is Yeonjuam Hermitage, a small Buddhist temple perched right on a steep cliff.

T. 02-880-3692, www.gwanak.go.kr

Gwacheon Government Complex Station 과천정부청사역 (Line 4), Exit 7

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