City at Night 서울의 밤

Seoul has plenty of places to enjoy the nighttime cityscape
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City at Night

Seoul has plenty of places to enjoy the nighttime cityscape. This video visits some of the best spots in downtown Seoul to take in the city's nightscape. Filmed & Edited by Kwon Oh-seong

Walking On the Clouds 롯데월드타워

The Lotte World Tower is more than an architectural landmark. It’s a city unto itself.

Floral Seoul 서울의 꽃집

Flower shops present the colors of spring

Remaining True to Itself 익선동

As Ikseon-dong grows into one of Seoul’s hottest destinations, the historic neighborhood strives to maintain its identity

Design Center Seoul 동대문

The iconic DDP helps make Dongdaemun an international center of design and fashion

West of the Garden 원서동

Peace, tranquility and creativity reign in Bukchon’s blissfully forgotten Wonseo-dong neighborhood.

Off the Beaten Path 팔판동

Quiet and creative, Palpan-dong is a breath of fresh air in the middle of Seoul

Seoul’s Gritty Heart

Euljiro is a heady mix of the industrial and artistic