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Green Tea in Boseong and Hadong



[box_dark]Green Tea in Boseong and Hadong | 보성, 하동[/box_dark]

The southern towns of Boseong and Hadong constitute Korea’s green tea country— in May, they could be the most beautiful, and certainly the most fragrant, towns in the country. The two are quite distinct, however. Boseong is famous for its rolling hills of perfectly manicured green tea plantations, established in the early 20th century. They are especially beautiful in the morning. Hadong, on the other hand, is better known for its more rustic wild tea fields that go back to the Silla Kingdom. Hadong also makes a fine base camp for exploring majestic Mt. Jirisan, including the spectacular Buddhist monastery of Ssanggyesa. Both towns host festivals, the Boseong Green Tea Festival (May 14–May 19) and the Hadong Wild Tea Cultural Festival (May 17–May 19).

Green tea ice cream, green tea noodles, and delicious green tea pork; you’ll also be drinking lots
and lots of green tea.

Explore Jirisan National Park if you’re in Hadong. If you’re in Boseong, historic Naganeupseong
Fortress is well worth the visit, as is Beolgyo, the backdrop to the Korean War-era novel Taebaek
Mountain Range.

While you’re in Boseong, take a green tea and sea water bath at Haesu Nokchatang on Yulpo
Beach. In Hadong, take the old steam train along the Seomjingang River or bike the route.

There are plenty of motels along the Hwagae Valley in Hadong.



(Boseong-gun Jeollanam-do ㅣ 전라남도 보성군)

Buses to Boseong depart from Seoul Express Bus Terminal (travel time: 4 hours).

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(Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do | 경상남도 하동군)

Buses to Hadong depart from Seoul’s Nambu Bus Terminal (travel time: 4 hours).

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