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Hangaram Art Museum


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Hangaram Art Museum | 한가람미술관

Founded in 1990, the Hangaram Art Museum—part of the larger Seoul Arts Center complex—hosts some of Seoul’s best exhibits. Through March 31, it will be hosting the Musei Vaticani exhibit, a collection of Renaissance art from the Vatican Museums, including works by Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Besides this, the museum is home to an extensive collection of work in all kinds of formative arts, divided into nine galleries.


Between Hangaram Art Museum and Hangaram Design Museum is Vitamin Station, home to the Italian eatery Café Ballini 리스토란테 벨리니 (T. 02-580-1871) and coffee shop Café Bauhaus 카페 바우하우스 (T. 02-580-1869).

The museum has its own art shop.

Also check out the Hangaram Design Museum, with exhibits that focus on work that combine artistry and commercial value.

Hours: 11am–8pm, closed on the last Monday of the month
Admission: Depends on exhibit.
T. 02-580-1300, www.sac.or.kr
(70 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul | 서울시 서초구 서초동 70)

5-min walk from Nambu Bus Terminal Station 남부터미널역 (Line 3), Exit 5.

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