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Daily Delights

Daily Delights Here are my suggestions for a great food day in Seoul. Day 1 Gourmet 494 is a gourmet cafeteria in the basement of the Galleria Department Store, which you can easily get to via the new Apgujeong Rodeo Station 압구정로데오역 (Bundang Line). It’s got an array of shopping and restaurants. You can spend the day shopping and head […]

Daily Delights

Daily Delights Here are my suggestions for a great food day in Seoul. Photographs provided by Daniel Gray   Day 1 St. Patrick’s Day Delight in Itaewon Breakfast Lumber Jack Breakfast at Suji’s Restaurant Suji’s One of the best things you can get to prepare your stomach for a day of drinking is a hearty breakfast. Suji’s has the […]

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Renaissance Seoul Hotel’s Vendome

  [box_dark] Renaissance Seoul Hotel’s Vendome | 르네상스 서울 호텔 벤돔 OPEN-AIR PUB ENTICES BEER LOVERS [/box_dark] Renaissance Seoul Hotel’s Vendome is welcoming patrons with the opening of its outdoor Beer Garden. Visit Beer Garden with your friends, colleagues, and family for a buffet and drinks under cool parasols. In particular, a variety of Beer Garden packages are available […]

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Must-Have Cosmetics 2013

[box_dark] MUST-HAVE COSMETICS 2013 Written by Monica Suk Photographs courtesy of various manufacturers [/box_dark]     [box_info]Skinfood: Flora Tea Nail Vita Alpha[/box_info] There’s nothing like getting your nails done for changing your mood. Available in five shades of pink hues and orange tones, Flora Tea Nail Vita Alpha is perhaps one of a handful of cheap nail polishes […]


Daily Delights — From Insa-dong to COEX Area / Food Tour on Subway Line 6

[box_light] Daily Delights — From Insa-dong to COEX Area / Food Tour on Subway Line 6 Here are my suggestions for a great food day in Seoul. Photographs provided by Daniel Gray [/box_light]   [box_dark]Day 1: From Insa-dong to COEX Area[/box_dark]    [box_info]Breakfast[/box_info] Art de Chef Breakfast buffet at Art de Chef at Centermark Hotel. The full-service breakfast at the Centermark Hotel will […]

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From Korea University to Kyung Hee University

  [box_dark] From Korea University to Kyung Hee University l 고려대학교—경희대학교 Where history and students meet Written by Robert J. Fouser [/box_dark]   In the 1930s, Seoul expanded rapidly beyond the Seoul City Wall into the fields and hills that surrounded the city. A walk from Korea University to Kyung Hee University, both located in a hilly area with […]

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Yangcheon Hyanggyo

In an unassuming neighborhood, hidden gems by the riverside Old school At first blush, the Yangcheon neighborhood appears utterly unremarkable, but behind a rather mundane facade it holds a rich history, with a trio of sites to explore and experience. Foremost among these is the eponymous Yangcheon Hyanggyo 양천향교. Hyanggyos were government-run Confucian temples and academies, and of the […]


[box_dark] HIP-HOP CLUBS REDEFINED In pursuit of authenticity Written by Daisy Larios [/box_dark]   Although electronic music tends to dominate the clubbing scene in Seoul, hip-hop clubs are increasingly common, too, with a few newcomers taking a departure from Top 40 hits and coming into their own among veterans like Noise Basement (NB). Check out the latest hip-hop bars […]

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Gangneung Danoje Festival (June 9–16)

  [box_dark]Gangneung Danoje Festival (June 9–16) | 강릉단오제[/box_dark] The beautiful east coast city of Gangneung hosts the annual Gangneung Danoje Festival, a fascinating piece of Korea’s folk culture. Designated a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2005, the Gangneung Danoje Festival is held all over Gangneung and on Daegwallyeong Ridge, where people […]