■ SpecialExhibition Gallery, ASEAN Culture House

■ June 18, 2019~September 22, 2019


The origin of human civilization is water. It is through water that humans survive and thrive. Water is the most familiar and critically important substance to humanity.

Throughout history, water has been highly valued, and societies have continuously strived to discover and develop practices for water’s wise use and management. Water is a medium that embodies a society’s distinctive natural environment as well as socio-cultural and psychological features.

The ASEAN Culture House (ACH) proudly presents the special exhibition Splash ASEAN! Water, a Celebration of Life in celebration of the 30thanniversary of the establishment of dialogue relations between ASEAN and Korea.

The exhibition explores and celebrates the profound connection between people and water in ASEAN countries through a broad range of media, including photography, video, picture books, and crafts. Visitors are invited to reflect on the exhibition’s theme from diverse facets of culture including linguistic traditions – expressions, folklore, myths, and legends – as well as daily life and social customs. It is hoped that the exhibition can give visitors a more balanced and far deeper understanding of the peoples of ASEAN and their lives, which harmoniously embrace the unique natural and cultural characteristics of the region.

  • Time: 20190618~20190922
  • Price: Free
  • Host: ASEAN Culture House, Korea Foundation
  • Inquiry: 051-775-2024